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LA Lock and Keys –  provides all locksmith services in LA and surrounding areas. We are founded on the principle of reliability and family owned since 1997. Safety and satisfaction of our customers is our first priority. A fleet of several vehicles allows us to arrive to you quickly and provide fast and efficient response any time day or night. Our business is to provide  security solutions and rescue services in emergency situations safely. You will experience our expert team to be patient, understanding, and knowledgeable to help you find the best solution for your needs. 

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Life happens, and when it does, our professionally trained locksmiths at LA Lock and Keys  Locksmith are on call and ready to help. LA LOCKS AND KEYS  IS HERE FOR YOU.

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Car Lockout

Locked out of your car in your driveway? Worse yet, stranded in the parking lot or on the shoulder of the road? Our professionals will swiftly come to your rescue and get you back behind the wheel in no time!

Fix car ignition

Car keys can get stuck in the ignition of your car or, you might experience some other atypical problem. Nonetheless, this does not have to be a serious concern. At LA Lock And Keys Pros, we are trained and professional in all areas of ignition interlock devices and are able to identify and fix almost any problem with any car ignition switch problems. .

Emergency Locksmith

When you need us we are here 24- 7 - days a week at all LA

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The entire Los Angeles area and  the surrounding 

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